Saturday, August 22, 2009

aloft to the MAX: Pioneer Courthouse Square

The aloft Portland at Cascade Station lives up to its name---we're only a few hundred feet from a MAX Light Rail station! With one of the best light rail systems in the world just a hop and a skip out our door, I'll be featuring go-to spots that the MAX can take you to in a jiffy...

First up is the iconic Pioneer Courthouse Square! A brick paradise, "Portland's Living Room" is widely considered one of the best public spaces in the world, and is the ideal place to catch a wide variety of Portland's culture on any given day (not to mention neat events like Flicks on the Bricks).

Being square in the middle of Downtown, there's tons of shopping and dining all around: from the stylish Pioneer Place mall, to the ultra-hip lounge Departure and the venerable Jake's Grill, a quick jaunt in any direction from the Square gets you the satisfaction of a great day.

You can reach the Pioneer Square station by the MAX Red Line in about 35 minutes. And remember---all transit in Downtown's fareless square is free, so feel free to explore around!