Tuesday, August 18, 2009

talent spotlight: crystal!

At aloft Portland, the pulse of our vibe is driven by our talent: great experiences are personal, and a personal experience can't be created without great personalities. From the aloha desk, to re:fresh, to w xyz, our talent all across the board are dedicated to providing that fresh, personal experience we're famous for.

Here at the party blog, I'm going to be spotlighting one of these sassy personalities every week!

So whether you've already gotten to know us, or are curious to make our acquaintance, these Q+As will give you a connect to how our savvy talent make aloft go!

First up is Crystal, one of our aloha desk talents!

Aloha, Crystal!
Aloha! :)

First off, a basic: where are you originally from?
While I was born in Altadena, CA, I've called Portland home for 18 years!

Wow, more than enough to be considered native :) So with so much local savvy built up, what are some of your favorite hot spots in PDX?
I LOVE the Waterfront! It has my favorite view of PDX, and you really can't go wrong there: there's biking, running, ice cream, lots of people from all over Portland...it's just so great all around. Also, my favorite eats are at The Montage in SE!

Yeah, that famous Montage mac n' cheese is divine. Despite your love of PDX, I understand you've traveled quite a bit---what's your favorite travel destination?
Banas, Ecuador. I had a -hella- good time there: rafting, four-wheeling...when I went there, it was also my first time really traveling on my own, and from that trip I feel you get a lot farther in your experiences trusting people than otherwise, so that's been valuable to me.

Sweet. Speaking of great experiences: what's been your best "aloha spirit" moment so far working here at aloft?
Ooo...there's so many, that's a tough one! I love this place so much. But, it'd probably have to be the one Stand-Up meeting I was a part of; a meeting in the morning where to spice things up, we all had to be standing, and to see so much energy and spirit at 8AM from everyone involved was just so neat and inspiring! Working here is so great, I love coming here and having nothing at all to be upset about, everything just jives so well.

Yeah, I definitely feel at home here myself.
Everyone here's been like a second family to me, all the cool people and friends I've made. I love you guys!

Aww, thanks :)


Crystal will soon be departing for a few months on an adventure to South Africa, and she'll be blogging her experiences---right here! :) So tune in soon for that, and for our next talent spotlight!