Sunday, September 27, 2009

talent spotlight: Beau!

It's time for another of our sassy talent spotlights! This week, we've got our Employee-of-the-Quarter-winning re:fresh talent Beau grooving over to the interview chair...


So, Beau, with that Employee-of-the-Quarter award still gleaming, what's been your favorite 'aloha' moment?
I actually picked up the vibe in a big pre-aloft experience: I sold most of my world possessions, including my car, and moved to Hawaii on a whim. Can't get more easy-breezy than that---I really lived "Aloha!"

I can see that experience has carried over---you really bring the 'easy-breezy' here and help keep us loose, a key to driving the vibe :) That sounded like quite the travel experience; has that been your favorite?
Most of my travels have actually been by hitchiking---mostly for the journey, and not the destination. But if I had to pick a spot, either Paia, HI or San Diego, CA.

Yeah, the journey is always the important part of life's experiences, in the end. Though I concur on San Diego: my second favorite city besides Portland (with my favorite italian place ever and a heck of a ballpark)! Speaking of eats...know any hip spots in PDX?
Yeah, there's a few I really dig: Voodoo Doughnuts, because I love doughnuts more than life; the Roxy, for Soylent Green omelets at 3am (booyah!); and the Little Red Bike Cafe---get the Zoobomb.

Zoobomb...that sounds like an experience for sure. Thanks, Beau!
Yeah, sure thing! Peace out :)


Tune in next time as our adorable bundle of mixologist savvy, Ghong, takes a hop-skip on up to the chair...