Friday, September 11, 2009

talent spotlight: Mary!

It's time for another of our savvy talent spotlights! This week we chat with one of our sassy re:fuel talents, Mary!


So, as master-of-the-eats, I have to know...what's your favorite good food in Portland?
That would be Dove Vivi---best pizza in town :)

Ooo, pizza tops the list...that's exciting! :D Going to have to check that out... Any hot spots you recommend for after the meal?
The Alleyway's always great for some pinball!

Pizza and pinball---that's awesome :) Very Portland. Are you originally from here?
No, I came from from Colorado Springs, CO.

Another good state, from what I've heard. Any favorite travel destinations, Colorado or otherwise?
Not in particular, but I love any road trip filled with large roadside attractions, good tunes, and great friends!

Yeah---it's often the journey and the people that make or break a trip. That's one thing I love about working here, actually---great people all around.
Yeah, some of my favorite times here have been the laughs, particularly in the office with Glen, Allan and Austi :)

The aloha spirit's definitely always on the up-and-up here, for sure :) Thanks, Mary.


Tune in next week as our employee-of-the-quarter re:fresh talent Beau takes the chair!