Saturday, October 24, 2009

aloft to the MAX: PGE Park

In town here at the aloft, and get the sporting-events itch? You're in luck, as a stylish and cozy park is just a quick jaunt on the MAX away: PGE Park!

With a Fenway-esque wall (and Wrigley-esque urban backdrop), an old-fashioned scoreboard, ivy, signature art, and one of the best walking neighborhoods (Nob Hill/NW 23rd) just steps away, PGE Park's a true classic experience!

Whether it's catching the San Diego Padres' prospects slugging their way to the Majors with the Portland Beavers, joining the famous Timbers Army for a raucous soccer experience at a Portland Timbers game, or touching down for some Portland State University Vikings football, there's plenty of events and variety for any given trip.

To get to PGE Park, simply hop on the Red Line here at Cascade Station and take it to the PGE Park station (about 35 minutes). There's tons of food and other hot spots near it's downtown location, so you can make it a full day! :)