Sunday, October 4, 2009

sweet sounds: Duffy + Adele!

Here at the aloft Portland, we have an unusually savvy selection of songs that play in our re:mix, w xyz, re:charge, and other spaces. New, hip, and fresh, our groovy and on-the-cusp tunes are a highlight of the "aloha!" experience.

Starting today, I'm going to be featuring different artists each week that play here on our musicologist-mastered house channels.

First up is a pair of youthful UK soul maestros whose sounds grace our spaces regularly: Welsh singer-songwriter Duffy, and Grammy-winning Londoner Adele!

Having overcome some unusual childhood challenges at home, the 25-year-old Duffy has risen with her voice to the top of the charts, and to the forefront of the new wave of across-the-pond soul. All her success comes after just one album (Rockferry)---so Duffy's just getting started :)

Adele is a similarily spectacular serenader, that has taken the world by the ripe old age of 21 (and that's only as of May!). Winning a Grammy before she could buy a drink in the U.S. gives you an idea of the kind of talent she has :)

Both are amazing acts who have hit the world scene together (and with mutual respect), and it's a highlight of my night when either's voice comes soaring through our sound system.

A-quick-click here for Duffy and Adele's Myspace pages, respectively, which each stream their albums free...and next time you're here, keep those ears tuned for hits of theirs like Duffy's "Stepping Stone" and Adele's "My Same"! :)