Sunday, November 1, 2009

sweet sounds: Fleet Foxes!

For our latest swing into the sweet sounds of our spaces here at aloft, we have a look at an indie folk fivesome, Fleet Foxes, whose finesse sound is fueling a meteoric rise in popularity.

Hailing from the Seattle area, Fleet Foxes has brought a very unique and sophisicated style to the scene. Describing themselves as "baroque harmonic pop jams", the group carries an electric, charismatic quality to their music while harkening back to the spirit of folk bands like America and Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

Fresh off their eponymous first album (released in 2008), Fleet Foxes has already began selling out shows and has built an unusually passionate fan base---they've struck a unique chord among many, and it'll be exciting to see what this young (I was amazed, given the almost Medievally-old fashion to the sound, that vocalist Robin Pecknold is only 23) band comes up with next after theit hot start.

To listen to their first album and all of their songs (including their well-played EP single, "Mykonos") free, check out the official Fleet Foxes Myspace page! And keep your own fox ears perked for the next time "He Doesn't Know Why" comes wafting along again into the vibe...