Tuesday, December 8, 2009

sweet sounds: Tori Amos!

For our latest swing into the sweet sounds that play here at aloft Portland, we have a look at the excellent (and often eccentric) piano songtress, Tori Amos!

Having been booted from music school as a youth largely due to her alternative methods, those leanings proved valuable as she emerged onto the music scene in the early 90's. Arriving with Little Earthquakes, Tori soon started topping the charts with songs both unusually personal and heavy in subject. Her bold, heartfelt style has built her a strong, loyal following, as she approaches 20 years of success (despite the occasional butting of heads with studios).

Her independent, if idiosyncratic nature is the soul of her music, propelling both hits like "A Sorta Fairytale" and unusual projects like her later concept albums (including a cover album of songs by men reworked to female perspectives, and a "sonic novel").

Tori is one of the most frequently played artists here in our spaces (I've heard at least 4 or 5 different tracks here) so next time you come on by to stay or visit W XYZ, keeps those ears peeled for a taste of her sound...or, in the meantime, you can always sample many of her latest efforts streaming free at her official Myspace page! :) '

'Tis the season, too---her latest album (Midwinter Graces, barely a month old) is a seasonal Holidays album!