Saturday, August 8, 2009

hip dips into the vibe

Here at aloft Portland, our vibe is famous---guests rave about the fresh, friendly experience we provide both at our hoppin' W xyz events and as a travel spot-to-be.

Whether you've already experienced aloft, or are simply curious as to what all the a-buzz is about, this blog will be your in-the-know connection to what makes our vibe pulse.

From details on the sweet sounds that play here, to features on the forward-thinking food items provided here, to spotlights on our savvy talent, you'll find interesting insights here on the individual elements that, as a whole, have made our aloft a tip-top success!

All the fun flavors of aloft will be featured here, as well as the latest beat on our constant, hip events. Tune in frequently, and get our special brand of 'easy-breezy' into your life! :)