Tuesday, August 4, 2009

your aloha! to our aloft :)

As our blog is now up and on the a-go-go, it's time for a swift introduction to our home: the aloft Portland!

sassy, savvy space: aloft is the fresh new offering from Starwood Hotels (and W), and we're designed to turn travel on its head. Our spirit is in tune to that of the Pearl District, but we've bottled up that vibe and brought it to NE!

Located right off the MAX Red Line (Cascade Station) and by IKEA, you're just a quick hop away from PDX's newest to-go hot spot: W xyz!
With a hip style and hoppin' events bringing mix-and-minglers from all 'round, W xyz has quickly become the place to be.

Unique energy, 136 lovely lofts (at a price that's nice), and a nightlife alive with fun...aloft's a happenin' spot, so give us a quick click and swing on by to check us out! :)